Exchange Policy

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Please find the exchange process below :

Step 1

Customer Walk-in

Customer enters the store for purchasing a new phone and exchange his old phone

Step 2

Device Inspection

The executive then proceeds to do the quality checks on the phone by inspecting the device and enters the results of the functional and physical checks in the portal provided.

Step 3

Exchange Value

Executive enters the results of the inspection in the portal provided by Ikon and once that is done then the system will provide the price for exchanged phone

Step 4

Customer Acceptance

Once the customer accepts the price then the customer will be asked to provide his details to enter into the portal.

Step 5

Exchange Certificate

After the details are entered then the customer is provided a print out of the price and he can redeem that with a purchase of the phone.

Step 6

Factory reset

The customer is now asked to do a factory reset of his phone so that the data would not be misused.

Step 7

Exchange Confirmation

Once the exchange is confirmed customer would get an email confirming the value of his exchange value so that there would not be any discrepancy.